Solstice Arena Review

Solstice Arena Review

Solstice Arena Review

It’s all fighting, no farming in this fantasy mobile MMO for iPhone and iPad

The online multiplayer arena has been a huge gaming market for many years now. Games such as World of Warcraft maintain a massive following, and the mobile market has attempted to tap into its popularity as well.

Solstice Arena is one such game that feeds on this, but is very firmly in the casual, mobile gamer mindset of short attention span and pick-up-and-put-down gameplay. As the tagline ‘All fighting. No farming’ suggests, this is a traditional MMO
on fast-forward, dropping players straight into the action, with a cool upgrade system running live alongside your game.

The idea is that you form part of a three-man team, with the aim being  to destroy the enemy’s Oracle tower. Point-and-tap to navigate, and a single tap on an enemy unleashes attacks on them. This relatively simply control system means you can focus on looking out for coins and other items that scatter the battlefield, which can then be used to buy upgrades. Keep an eye on your health though as you’ll have to retreat to your safe zone in order to revive your health bar – so there is a fair amount of going backwards and forwards, which can get tiresome.

Still, there is an intrigue about the level of tactics needed in order to win, as enemy towers can attack you when in range, and gaining control of the coin chest at the centre of the map can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Rated 4 out of 5

An ideal game for any fan of World of Warcraft looking for casual combat fighting.