Photo editing and sharing faster than ever

It’s not enough these days to simply create a photo editing app for the smartphone market. Instagram and co have shown us what feels like almost every possibility when it comes to sepia tones and fisheye lens effects for your images. The key now is to do something different with the interface and presentation of the app, and this is where Snaptime comes in.

In terms of the range of effects and themes, it’s not going to blow away the competition, but its intuitive and very functional interface make it well worth a look if you consider yourself something of a fun photo enthusiast. While the majority of your screen is obviously filled by the camera view, the bottom-third is a colourful scroll bar, where you can experiment with different combinations of lens effects and filters to find something that really grabs your attention. The real advantage of this is that you can set up your effects before you take the picture, so getting the result you want has a greater probability, and sepia doesn’t translate to ‘sludge’.

Having settled on the appearance and taken your picture, Snaptime will then give you the opportunity to share your image, not only within their own community,, but also via those giants of social media, Facebook and Twitter, if you so wish. You can also shoot videos and view a feed of the latest uploads by others to There are some in-app purchases required to unlock all the content, but you shouldn’t be put off downloading what is a fun and fluid photo app.

Rated 4 out of 5

Perfect for the quick-fire snapper who wants to take and share cool pictures in a few taps.