Snapchat Review

Snapchat Review

Snapchat Review

Now with video chatting, Snapchat is an entertaining and addictive way to stay in touch with your friends

The appeal of Snapchat is simple; take a picture, add a message, send it to your friends, and then once they’ve taken a look, it vanishes. The ability to cover a selfie in all kinds of doodles and captions, and send it out knowing that it will be gone in a matter of seconds, is the reason millions of teens have adopted Snapchat as their first choice for communication.

The latest version of Snapchat includes a range of new features, including a messaging platform and video chat option. Instant messaging on Snapchat follows the same principle as photos; once a message is seen, it disappears – although you can save it by simply holding a finger or thumb over it.

Another relatively new addition to Snapchat is Story, an ephemeral version of Facebook’s Timeline. You can post an image to Story the same way you would send it to a friend, and everyone in your contacts can view it as many times as they like for a 24 hour window.

A quick word of advice: these photos don’t always disappear forever. The recipient of the image can take a screenshot and save it to their phone, although if they do this, Snapchat will notify you.

Rated 5 out of 5

Just as much fun as the hype suggests, Snapchat is a creative alternative to WhatsApp.