Slingshot Racing Review

Slingshot Racing Review

If Formula One was won with a rope…

Remember back when Doodle Jump was the pinnacle of iOS gaming? How things have changed. The only problem is it’s become much harder to pick the instant classics.

So just to be clear: Slingshot Racing is an instant classic. It combines all the elements that the most successful iOS games have utilised: high-quality visuals, simple touch-based controls and something just different enough to stand out.

The concept is simple. You, the red car, must successfully overtake the other three cars to come out on top. The clutch here is that you can’t steer your vehicle, instead you must rely on a long rope to pivot around corners at a tighter angle than your opponents.

Numerous similar racers before have set a template, and removing the ability to steer is incongruous with the set type, but push on and it won’t be long before it draws you in. It’ll take a bit of practice before you’re consistently on top, but the reward in doing so is completely gratifying.

Yet the challenge doesn’t impact on the silky-smooth controls. Multiple towers dot each track, and all you need to do to latch onto one is hold the screen. It’s intuitive, simple and it works fantastically well. The hard part is learning when to let go, but few iOS games can top the feeling of a perfect lap on Slingshot Racing. It’s not only racing, either, with a handful of modes to mix things up and keep you coming back, gunning for a three-star ranking.

Slingshot Racing might not be an entirely original idea, but its combination of simple yet well-designed controls, fantastic visuals and overall quality is enough to make it a must-have iOS game.

Rated 5 out of 5

Few games can compete with Slingshot Racing in terms of quality.