SlideShark: View & Share Presentations Review

SlideShark: View & Share Presentations Review

A clever presentation solution that will work for all professionals

Making presentations is never an easy task, and even with a laptop you run the risk of losing important work just before that vital meeting. This app and related service works both offline and online to ensure that everything you need is available in a couple of taps. You can upload your presentations to SlideShark and have them available to download wherever you have an internet connection. This means you don’t have them filling up valuable space as they are stored in the cloud. SlideShark manages to display each presentation in full detail; animations, notes, images and everything else you would expect within a professional presentation are kept intact. On an iPad or iPhone, interacting with each presentation is exceptionally easy. The fact that you can present via AirPlay opens it up to many more devices, and all you’ll need is your iPad or iPhone to present them. Few services are as efficient or good value for money as this one and we honestly could not find one feature that was missing. Every possible usage case has been covered and it is even compatible with Dropbox and other cloud services. If you have to make presentations often, you will need this app. It is an exceptionally complete solution.

Rated 5 out of 5

The only app you need to keep those presentations flowing.