Slices for Twitter Review

Slices for Twitter Review

Slices for Twitter Review

Slice it up: makes it easier to go down

Why bother releasing another Twitter app? Surely there’s enough out there already, covering all the bases you would want covering and doing a good enough job of covering said bases? Well, yes and no.

Yes, there’s enough. Yes, a lot of apps do a brilliant job. But no, it doesn’t mean you should stop trying to come up with new ideas – just like Slices For Twitter has. In fact, it doesn’t just try: it succeeds.

The skeleton of Slices is simply a Twitter client – everything you would want and expect from an app that covers the 140-characters-or-less social network, and everything working just as you would want it to. You can tweet, read, reply, check messages, add other accounts and so on. It’s functional, it’s clean, it’s easy to use – on its own it would just be another solid Twitter client.

But with the new additions, Slices manages to do something that helps it stand out from the crowd. The ‘slice’ feature  of the title is almost an extension of the built-in list feature of Twitter, allowing you to set parameters, filter out users and other such factors in order to ‘slice’ out your own mini-feeds to follow. It seems initially throwaway, but once you’ve given it a try you might just find it essential – especially when the number of people you’re following is huge. Anything to help manage that is a good thing.

The other addition is the explore function, which allows you to search through predefined lists of tweeple on a number of subjects: music, TV, news, fashion etc. Along with the ability to follow live events, like sports or TV shows, explore is a clever and useful function that regular Twitter users will get a lot out of.

Slices offers some good, solid additions on top of a fine framework, but it might not be enough to convince everyone it’s worthwhile. Fortunately it’s a free app, meaning if you are a Twitter user, you might as well give it a go to see if Slices suits you.

Rated 4 out of 5

Adds something interesting to what would otherwise be just another Twitter client.