Sleep Attack TD Review

Sleep Attack TD Review

Sleep Attack TD Review

A new tower defence game that will have you in a spin

Our eyelids drooped when we discovered that Sleep Attack was yet another tower-defence game – they have been done to death on the App Store – but this one dares to do things differently by adding a new twist, literally.

The aim is to defend a slumbering creature from all manner of approaching night terrors by placing armaments in strategic places to stem the flow and prevent a rude awakening. So far, so samey. However, here you can twist the environment so that the pathway to the middle of the maze-like level that the enemies have to traverse is altered so as to force them down your preferred path of destruction. The trade-off is that you may unwittingly open up a shorter route for other enemies to follow while you concentrate on one particular wave.

The game throws up an interesting and varied array of defensive towers as you progress and the range of creatures that you have to repel grows ever faster and more ferocious, so you’ll really have to keep an eye on every route and use the rotational capabilities of the environment to your advantage. It all makes for a fresh-feeling, frantic game with plenty of humour, charm and challenge to keep you coming back.

Rated 3 out of 5

The price is easily justified with the amount of enjoyment it provides and the original qualities that it delivers by the bed-load.