Never miss a minute of your favourite TV – wherever you are

The introduction of the Sky+ box was a godsend for TV lovers around the UK. No longer would they have to spend hours trying to set the video to tape EastEnders; they could simply hit Sky+’s record button instead. However, one of Sky+’s downsides was that if you weren’t at home you couldn’t set it to record your favourite shows.

Fortunately, BSkyB has created this handy app, that gives users access to a seven-day TV planner and enables Sky subscribers to Remote Record shows onto their Sky+ box at home. Find the channel you’re looking for by clicking on the relevant category – Sports, News, Documentaries etc – on the homepage.

Landscape mode gives you live TV listings for your chosen channels, while clicking on a specific channel and holding the iPhone in portrait mode allows you to view a seven-day planner. Click on a show for more details and the option to record it. If you can’t find the show you’re looking for there’s a handy search option available, and you can also upgrade your current Sky package and add channels to a favourites list for easy future access. A must-have for Sky subscribers.

Rated 5 out of 5

Plan TV around your life rather than the other way round. No Sky+ box owner should be without it.