Sky Gamblers: Cold War Review

Sky Gamblers: Cold War Review

Pilot historical and modern warplanes in single and multiplayer action on iOS

Sky Gamblers: Cold War is one in a series of games, all of which are variations on the theme of aerial combat. You don’t need to have played the previous titles because they are standalone games, so you can take to the sky straight away. That is, after a quick run through the tutorials. A major irritation is the tiny text used throughout the game – but once you know how to fly, take off, land, and engage in combat, this isn’t a problem. An action-packed game with amazing graphics that gives you a pilot’s view of the Cold War.

The menu provides access to single and multiplayer games and in the latter you can play online, over Wi-Fi, with Game Center friends and head to head. Quick Match joins a room and you must eliminate all other players. Single-player games include Survival, Dog fight Missions, Free For All, Defend the Base and others, plus a campaign, which consists of a series of missions.

There are planes ranging from World War II relics to modern fighters. Most of the time the aim is to shoot down enemy planes, while trying to avoid being shot yourself. Line up the enemy in your sights and blast them with guns or wait for a missile lock and then let one loose. Dropping flares offers protection against incoming missiles, both for you and the enemy.

There are several control methods; you can tilt the device to bank, dive and climb, and thumb controls work the throttle. Afterburners provide a quick boost and there is an autopilot if you find you aren’t that great at flying.

There are views from the cockpit, from behind the plane, above, below or beside it. Your speed and altitude are displayed on screen and the radar shows friendly and hostile planes. There are some beautiful graphics to enjoy and the scenery, explosions, and other effects are very good. The action is a bit repetitive, but the campaign helps to add interest and keeps you busy. It is more arcade action than flight simulator, but it still provides a challenge, so expect a tough time mastering it.

Rated 4 out of 5

An action-packed game with amazing graphics that gives you a pilot’s view of the Cold War.