Skeleton System Pro III

Skeleton System Pro III

One of the stars of an iPad commercial takes centre stage once again

Exploration using the iPad has produced some fascinating apps in the past, and Skeleton System Pro III is no different, using a host of multi-touch gestures to guide you through the intricate design of the human skeleton.

The user interface of Skeleton System Pro III is incredibly interactive, and constantly displays several hints regarding how to navigate the app and ultimately get more out of using it. For most of your time, you’ll use familiar swipe, tap and scroll gestures to gain a completely seamless 360 degree view of the human skeleton, with each personal zoom seeing the app come to life and prompt you to try something else, or get an even better view courtesy of such features as the ‘Scalpel’, which allows you to slice apart and see inside various bone structures.

This amount of exploration is what makes this app such a good learning tool, even for those with a passing interest in the human body, as well as medical professionals. There are nods to both casual and serious use of Skeleton System in the app, with a pen and annotation tool included that looks to be aimed at lecturers, but also a quiz to entertain other users, although there is educational value to that as well.

The pen tool is actually very responsive, making annotating and note-making over the top of the images very easy, and ideal for a lecture situation if you can utilise AirPlay. You can clear anything you’ve added by tapping the pen tool icon again, and in some areas it is possible to place pins to go with the ones that have already been inserted. Each of these is a key part of the skeleton, and comes with a definition as well as audio pronunciation to ensure you learn everything correctly.

These interactive features go a long way to solidifying Skeleton System’s place as a top educational app, especially when you factor in the presence of videos to show the movement of different parts of the skeleton and how the mechanics of movement works. These videos are found under the media section of certain joints, and show the movement from different angles, giving you a greater understanding of the basic mechanics of everyday movements.  It is the way that the app shows off these events in such an engaging fashion that make it a special piece of work. The level of manipulation you can put on the on-screen skeleton means you can investigate every single detail of the body without having to go near any kind of medical centre. The app manages to really show off the incredible physics of the human skeleton without ever making the content seem heavy or tedious. The menu is well broken down into three main sections – Nav, Index and Map, which allow you to examine the body exactly how you like.

If Skeleton System Pro is a glimpse at the sort of technology our medical professionals will be using in years to come then it will make any visit to a hospital or medical centre a very interesting experience indeed.

Rated 5 out of 5

Fantastically engaging and bursting with useful information.