This really isn’t a fistful of dollars

Gameloft is on a mission with its free-to-play games, releasing a whole batch of its latest entirely free and funded through in-app purchasing. With Six-Guns, we’ve got an open world Wild Western filled to the brim with missions and collectables, with a vast world to explore.

With so much to do, the controls are perhaps the hardest part to get right in a game like this. Horse riding is a breeze, for example, though pulling off shots simultaneously is a little tough. Gun-toting is handled amicably, with enough of an auto-lock to make shots simple on the move, without taking control completely. In time, you’ll learn to strafe, aim and fire at the same time.

Missions take on a variety of gameplay styles, whether it’s fending off enemies – both human and supernatural – racing on horseback or collecting supplies. As fun as this combat is, however, without some kind of storyline to piece it all together it feels repetitive, as though you’re completing quests for the sake of it.

The freemium system underpinning it all is one of the better ones, too, never really impacting on the game itself, but tantalising enough that you might want that fancy jacket or more powerful revolver. It’s definitely more considered than most free-to-play games.

Rated 4 out of 5

While the missions themselves can become repetitive, returning to Six-Guns every so often will increase its longevity.