Silk – Interactive Generative Art Review

Silk – Interactive Generative Art Review

Create beautiful, flowing works of art on iOS

Life can be rather stressful, but art can be a true relaxant. If anything, that is the best thing about Silk – the fact that you can use your finger to paint wonderful works of art but without having to use much brain power at all. Every brush stroke you make is interpreted in a unique way so that it generates a piece of art that looks as if you have spent much time on it.

It is, of course, pure entertainment rather than something that is trying to turn you into a professional artist. At its heart are a set of different ‘brushes’ or, to be exact, arrangements of dots that turn into wooshes of spirals and lines. Wistful, relaxing tunes play in the background while you produce symmetries and play with the smattering of colours at your disposal.

Even the least arty among us will get results. The app says it is perfect for producing wallpapers, but that is to put a practical application to something that it rather frivolous but enjoyable, and which you can take with you from iPad to iPhone to iPod touch.

Slap on some headphones and you can really get into the moment. The Retina display is used well and you soon become lost amid the lines and swirls that you make. The app doesn’t promise anything other than the ability to turn any random movement into art – and for that, it’s just great.

Rated 5 out of 5

Produce amazing art using a small number of colours and random scribbling, then save and share it.