Sidebar Pro Review

Sidebar Pro Review

Sidebar Pro Review

Bringing some sleek extra functionality to your Android device

The pace at which modern life moves means that smartphone users are forever seeking ways to streamline everything they do on their devices. Sidebar Pro is the latest example of Android developers looking to take advantage of this, with an app that allows for universal multitasking anywhere on your device.

The app creates, as the name suggests, a new sidebar that can be summoned at any point by swiping inwards from the side of the screen. The main bar has room for a selection of your essential apps, and with all of them accessible via a list under the plus icon, it’s a very quick process to get organising the sidebar to suit your needs.

The beauty of Sidebar is that the menu is accessible anywhere, anytime, so should you be browsing the web and want to send an email, pull up your bar and tap the Gmail icon you put there. Its effortless and fluid, and is such a simple idea that it feels surprising that Android and indeed iOS have integrated something like this into their systems already. The app has also neatly integrated certain features that you would normally find in the pull down notifications menu, in that you can add shortcuts for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, brightness and volume controls to your sidebar. All of which can be adjusted in one tap. Sidebar Pro then is a fluid and functional addition to your Android home screen, and one that might speed up your multitasking in the process.

Rated 5 out of 5

Uncomplicated and exceptionally useful, it’s very hard to argue with the value of Sidebar Pro. Get a tidier home screen today.