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Let the blogosphere guide your music discovery

On iPad is an app that we’re very fond of. It has brought together some of the hottest new music, and some stone-cold classics from the furthest reaches of the music blog world, and placed them at our doorstep. Now made universal, the app has had an overhaul to be plausible on the iPhone and the result feels almost like a completely different app.

Don’t take that as a criticism either, because any attempt to translate the iPad app to iPhone would likely have been disastrous. Where the tablet interface is perfect for casual browsing and swiping through page after page of videos, the iPhone version feels more focused on music discovery and listening. While it may draw its stream from videos, it is not a video player at heart (evidenced by a lack of landscape orientation during video playback).

What’s more the ability to add artists and blogs as favourites is pushed front and centre, creating a kind of personalised playlist for the future as new music becomes available. It may not be as diverse a music player as the likes of Spotify, but for finding new sounds and hearing the latest from your favourite bands, it will challenge any of the music apps you’re currently using. This may not be the that we’re used to, but on iPhone it continues to make a lot of sense.

Rated 4 out of 5

Very different between iPhone and iPad versions, but both are excellent music finders when used on either format.