Shopster Review

Shopster Review

Shopster Review

A grocery app that learns what you buy and where

At first glance, you may view Shopster as a mere shopping list app where you can tap on the + button within the main page and add as many items as you wish. But while you can do just that, there is a rather nifty twist. The app learns where you buy an item from so when you are at that location, it can remind you to purchase it.

The app has been made to be as simple as possible. You allow it to remember your location and use it to track where you buy things and it promises not to share that information. From that point on, you are led by the hand to the main part of the app where there is just one button to tap, the aforementioned +.

This lets you add items and then use a side ruler to determine how many of those goods you need to buy. Your shopping list will begin to grow. Re-ordering the list for priority’s sake is easy, using a drag-and-drop method. You can also go back and make any changes. The key feature comes after this list, when you tell the app where you frequently buy that item from.

You are shown a map which you can move around using your fingers. When you find a location, you can mark it. Sometimes it does not recognise the name of the store, in which case you can type it in. And if you buy something from the location you are in, you can have the app remember that too. An item is remembered in terms of location when you click the check button next to an item while standing in the shop buying it.

Of course, the app doesn’t have to be restricted to groceries, despite its name. You can use it for all sorts of good and your imagination is the limit on this one. It’s an interesting idea that very much depends on the effort you put into it. Use it wisely and you’ll never forget the milk again.

Rated 4 out of 5

If you want to be reminded to buy various items whenever you go anywhere near a certain shop, then Shopster is for you.