Sherlock Holmes for iPad Review

Sherlock Holmes for iPad Review

Bring Sherlock to life with these beautiful interactive stories on iPad

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes have entertained and enthralled across a number of mediums, with books, TV shows, films and apps attracting audiences across generations.
One of the latest additions to this list is Sherlock Holmes for iPad. Only released in December, the app has varied in price since hitting the App Store, and is essentially a storefront. One story – The Five Orange Pips – comes free with the download, so without any extra expenditure you can dive right in. No regular eBooks, these are interactive stories, each uniquely designed and illustrated. While the text is clear and legible, it’s everything else on the page that makes this app stand out. Firstly, the main image is interactive, with a tap or a drag bringing it to life. While there’s nothing jaw-dropping, it’s a nice extra layer to the story. Possibly the best feature is the atmospheric background music that can be turned on or off using the horn icon in the top-left corner. The menu at the bottom also allows you to jump to a page in the book, return to the beginning, or back to the app’s table of contents.
While the app looks lovely, the fact that only five books are available will limit the appeal, and each are an extra in-app purchase. But you have to admire the effort and attention that’s on show here, and for fans of the books this will be a new way to enjoy some classic adventures.

Rated 4 out of 5

A less than elementary way to enjoy the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, but could do with some more content.