Shares 2 Review

Shares 2 Review

Shares 2 Review

Monitor your share portfolio and see the gains and losses with Shares 2 for iPhone

The sell-off of Royal Mail in the UK, the floating of Twitter on the stock market in the US and other frontpage financial news stories have proven to be hugely popular with investors who find themselves with a bit of spare cash to gamble. Will the price of the shares go up or down? Will you make money or lose it?

Apple’s Stocks app will show you share prices, but it doesn’t track your investments – and that’s where Shares 2 comes in handy. Enter a company or stock symbol, the number of shares bought and the price paid and it will display the value, how much you originally paid, and the all-important profit and loss in money and percentage terms. The company information screens are clear and easy to understand too.

Shares 2 is a nice app with a modern iOS 7 look and feel to it. Its interface has been kept clean, colourful and simple, and you can see at a glance how investments are doing. However, it has a habit of mixing up dollar and pound symbols, sometimes on the same screen. This is confusing because it makes you wonder whether it is converting one currency to the other, or whether it is simply displaying the wrong symbol. In some cases it does appear to convert pounds to dollars and in other places it doesn’t.

If the currency problem is sorted so that it sticks with one, the app is worth an extra point. Shares 2’s simplicity stands out in a section that can at times be difficult to make sense of.

Rated 3 out of 5

A niggling currency inconsistency spoils what is otherwise a useful and pleasantly designed app for monitoring share portfolios.