Shapes Music Review

Shapes Music Review

Shapes Music for iPad offers an entirely new way of learning your favourite pop songs on piano

Not all of us are blessed with amazing musical ability, but it only takes a few minutes with Shapes Music to think that you actually are. Instead of using notes, it concentrates on using lines to create shapes that denote the best patterns on the keyboard to keep the beat.

The app assumes that you are not the novice you believe you are and that, if you hit the wrong keys, you invariably know you have. The simple, short tutorials explain the concept and will help ease you into it, gradually introducing fresh shapes and allowing an understanding of the melodies at the same time.

There is a series of blocks that show you the shape of the notes used in different songs. You decipher where your fingers need to be for the shapes you need to make and then you play along as the music video runs in the background.

While you won’t walk away being able to play the piano properly nor read sheet music (the keyboard is only 29 notes and musical notes don’t come into it at all), you will feel satisfied that you can at least have fun with music and not be daunted. There are four levels in total and most people will stick with it to the end since it is so enjoyable – and if it gives you a greater feeling for music, then it’s done its job well.

Rated 4 out of 5

While Shapes Music won’t make you a top pianist, it will certainly help with enhancing your understanding of musical concepts. A very handy and fun app to have around.