Seal Force

Seal Force

Like Sharky & George, but with more rockets

Innovations can seem few and far between with iOS games these days. Everywhere you look there’s a clone of a previously original idea. Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Canabalt, Bejewelled – there are so many copycats that it’s often a risk to try a unique-looking game for fear of having already played it to death in another form elsewhere.

With games like Seal Force, it’s interesting that an established idea has been supplemented enough that it becomes fresh again. At its base level, Seal Force is a game we’ve all seen before; a score-attack, survival game where your character moves from left to right. Jetpack Joyride is perhaps the closest comparison – especially since Seal Force even mimics the randomised challenges that Jetpack introduced so well.

Seal Force lets you take control of three aquatic creatures, each representing a colour. As the enemy approaches, it is up to you to defeat them by drawing a line into the approaching enemies and knocking them away.

If the krill reach your defensive line, it’s game over, and only one seal can attack at any one time. By adding this puzzle element, Seal Force takes on a whole new approach, and since it’s free it’s almost impossible to not recommend.

Rated 5 out of 5

A twist on a common iOS gaming genre that makes Seal Force a refreshing change.