Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix

The game where you create whatever you like to win

Games that engage our imagination always go down well, whether it be an RPG or a racing game. Scribblenauts is different, as it takes this imagination and asks you to use it as a weapon in order to complete each level. The idea is to solve problems by summoning objects that you think will complete the puzzle.

The challenges vary from medieval-style quests to filling classrooms with the correct equipment. The scope of Scribblenauts is very impressive in this sense, but also in terms of what you can create. Everything from blind mice to Megalodons can be created, and all of them can be used to help you capture the stars that complete each level. The ability to combine terms to create new creatures (‘winged goat’, for example) adds more layers of creativity for your imagination to uncover.

It also helps that Scribblenauts is very easy to control, with taps of any object creating interactivity, and the navigation is similarly straightforward, requiring you to hold down on either side of the screen to move your hero, Maxwell, or tap on a destination. You can easily drop and drag your creations into the trash icon if you feel the need to tidy up. Nothing is too complicated, and the icons are simple enough to understand instantly. You can stay in this game for a long time without ever feeling remotely bored, or like you’re waiting for something to happen.

After all, you can literally create your own fun in this world. It’s amazing to think that you could have a very memorable Scribblenauts experience without even leaving the menu, seeing as you can create objects here, and effectively your own little world in the process.

Rated 5 out of 5

Makes the jump to iOS look easy. A brilliantly clever game.