Screens VNC Review

Screens VNC Review

Remotely control and view your computer desktop via your iPhone or iPad with Screens VNC

Being able to access your computer from your iPhone or iPad can sound like the stuff of sci-fi legend, but Screens VNC is one of a number of apps that allows you to do just that. While it takes a little bit of fiddling with your computer to get it to work – for example, you’ll need to download an app available from the developer’s website that enables you to access a Mac – but once the groundwork is in place, you’re ready to go.

The app displays your full desktop within the screen of the iPhone or iPad and you are able to zoom in and out. If there is a text entry box, then you can tap on it and call up a keyboard to input words. You can also take screenshots and create shortcuts that you can use from the toolbar within the app, making life easier.

The ability to paste items, send text to your computer and utilise the AirPlay mirroring so that your computer’s display can be sent to a television makes this a rather versatile app. You could use it for presentations, for example, without having to cart your computer around with you.

And that’s the thing: carrying a desktop or even laptop can be cumbersome, so it’s great to have a neat, albeit expensive, solution such as this. With it you are able to keep an eye on your desktop, open programs and make amendments from any location in the world, which more than justifies the money.


Rated 4 out of 5

Compatible with Macs, Windows and Linux, Screens VNC can revolutionise your workflow.