Scraps for iPhone Review

Scraps for iPhone Review

Scraps for iPhone Review

Who needs to jot ideas on scraps of paper when you have a phone?

Scraps for iPhone is a note-taking tool that allows for the quick jotting of ideas. Made to resemble scraps of paper, it is a well-designed app that takes very little time to get used to, ensuring you can get down to the task in hand and organise your day-to-day life far more efficiently.

Writing a note is easy enough – you tap the writing tool and the input option appears with the words appearing on what is supposed to be lined paper. When you have finished a note, it is saved and marked by the time. The date is also stamped on the note so you can always be sure when it was written.

The notes can be placed into collections. If you were organising an event, for instance, you could have a collection dedicated to that. Perhaps you would want a collection for work or for your home life. The collections are a good way of grouping similar notes together, forming scrapbooks that make later browsing very easy to do.

Each note can have more than words. You can attach a photograph, either one that you already have on your iPhone or one that you will take there and then using your handset’s camera. The note can be immediately saved into one of your collections or you can star it to mark it as a favourite or maybe something that needs priority attention.

The notes can also have a location attached to them but, frustratingly, it only allows for your current position. You cannot input a different location from the one you are standing in which is a major oversight and something we would like to see resolved in future updates. We would also like to see audio notes which we find rather useful.

The app uses iCloud which means messages can be accessed from other iOS devices and the ideas can also be password protected, keeping private notes away from prying eyes. All of this makes Scraps for iPhone a note-taking app of some worth. It may lack the ability to add a remote location but it does make the task of creating notes rather simple.

Rated 3 out of 5

A beautiful note-taking app which has a solid and welcome emphasis on organisation and simplicity.