SciFiNow Magazine

SciFiNow Magazine

The world’s leading science fiction magazine comes to the iPad

The debate as to whether the internet or a handheld magazine is better is never going to die. Both boast positive and negatives that the other would love to include/exclude and it’s unlikely one will ever ride out on top. What will, however, is a mix of both. SciFiNow is a perfect example.

Giving you a free issue of the magazine when you purchase the app, it opens up the ability to buy every back copy released and gives you instant access to the monthly publication as soon as it goes on-sale. Reading SciFiNow on iPad is a treat. Flicking through the pages with your fingers or zooming into a particular article, which is heightened thanks to the iPad’s slick resolution and speed, is effortless and makes the experience as good as having the actual print magazine. In some instances it’s even easier as bookmarking a page or searching for a particular feature is as simple as a touch of a button.

You can even share an issue with a friend who also has the app installed, making the App as close to its reallife counterpart as possible. Ideal for reading on the train or any long journey, the SciFiNow app is perfect to get your science fiction fix on the move if you fancy an alternative to having paper between your fingers, or just want to save shelf space.

Rated 5 out of 5

The perfect counterpart to SciFiNow, reading this on your iPad is easy and a joy to use.