Make life goals a reality

Everybody has life goals. They can range from big aims, like starting a family, to guilty pleasures, such as eating a massive pizza (and the resultant health kick that comes afterwards). Sometimes we need motivation to do the things that make us happy.

Schemer is a smart app from Google that enables you to create your life goal wish list and tick off your objectives one by one as you complete them. The list is synced with your Google account, so you can choose to either keep the list private or share it with your Google+ Circles.

You can make a list of goals quite simply, but you can also draw inspiration from the aims and activities of others. Using location services, you can bring up other ‘Schemers’ in your local vicinity, highlighting fun things to do in your area; and you can add the aims of others to your own personal list if their goals take your fancy as well.

It is also possible to search local and global goals by filtering results into several criteria. For example, you can search for indoor activities, travel destinations, cooking recipes, watching movies, taking up a hobby and so on. It’s a great notion, but there are some areas that could use expanding in future updates.

One rather obvious omission is the use of Google Maps overlays to show you where local activities, restaurants and other places of interest are based. Otherwise, Schemer is a practical, fun app.

Rated 4 out of 5

An intriguing concept, and one that should grow over time.