Look after your income while monitoring your salary

SalaryBook is a tracking app for your income, whether you are paid on a regular hourly rate or infrequent freelance pay. It works by allowing you to input different hours or jobs you have worked and showing you your cumulative income over a day, week or month, although it is sorely missing the option of doing the same over one or several years.

Of course, to do so you’ll have to master the somewhat steep learning curve. There’s no tutorial included, which makes getting to grips with the less-than-intuitive app somewhat of a chore. For example, working out how to make the app register a regular salary over the course of several months initially had us stumped (for the similarly confused, add an hourly rate to each weekday in the calendar wizard).

However, spend some time with SalaryBook and you’ll find a surprisingly deep App that has a lot of useful features. You can export your salary as a CSV document via email, schedule upcoming work and also view your salary in an eye-pleasing graph. The app also boasts a decent style, with a neat little counter indicating how much money you’ve earned already in the period specified. If the app only had a few more features and was slightly more intuitive, we’d be hard pressed not to recommend it.

Rated 4 out of 5

Hard to master but rewarding when you do, although more features would be welcome.


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