Romplr: Remix

Romplr: Remix

Romplr: Remix

Remix songs and see if you can make the charts

Making mixing a competitive business, Romplr: Remix is a combination of music app and game in which you have to remix tracks in order to earn points and make the charts for that song. You have the option to download some genuine chart-toppers from the in-app store, or use the free mixkits to put together your own beats.

You earn points for everything you put together coherently, with a lot of the high-level technical issues such as beat timing done automatically so that you can focus on creating combos and sequences.  Additionally, the in-game dashboard is very simple to operate, with various icons representing the different musical tools that you can mix into the track within your 90-second time limit.

You can then compare your score to others in the chart and see where you rank. If you don’t fancy the full competitive experience, then you can enter freestyle mode and simply hone your skills.  The only setbacks in what is an otherwise very fun and immersive gaming experience is the annoyingly long loading time on each track, along with the prices of in-app purchases for any tracks by major artists.

Despite the minor snags that we’ve detailed, if you’ve got the patience to sit through the tiresomely long loading screen – and at least there are some catchy beats playing in the background while you wait – you’ll probably find Romplr to be a worthwhile download, particularly if you love your music, as this app makes for a very interactive experience.

Moreover, it also represents a chance to get hands-on with some hot tunes and show of your musical prowess. So long as Gaga and Kanye are your thing, you should get a kick out of this app.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great way for music fans to get involved and remix their favourite tracks in the name of competition.