Rome MVR

Rome MVR

Rome MVR

See Rome in the past and present with just one tap

The Eternal City has been the subject of many apps since the inception of iOS and the Android Market, but nothing quite like the experience you get from Rome MVR. The app not only places you in the centre of the some of the most famous landmarks in the world today, but also when they were first built.

Using the Time Window system, which is part of the Mixed Virtual Reality software, CGI fades in and out of the modern day picture to show you how iconic structures such as the Colosseum used to look, and also where other buildings and monuments used to stand.  The most compelling feature of Rome MVR, though, is how you navigate within the landscapes. The screen reacts to the movement of your iPhone, so as you move left and right  the picture does the same, creating the perception that you are in fact outside the Colosseum and looking around.

Perhaps even more impressively, if you happen to be in Rome, the app can use GPS to create a time window on your location if you’re close to one of the areas featured in the app, which at the moment centres on the Forum as well as the Colosseum.

You can use the simple list view to choose your views, or instead go by the pin-pointed map in order to choose your desired location to explore, but it’s worth noting that the Forum areas require in-app purchases should you be feeling especially adventurous. All in all, this is worth taking a look at.

Rated 4 out of 5

An eye-catching idea that’s been beautifully put together to create a time window on your iPhone.