Rocket Cars Review

Rocket Cars Review

Rocket Cars Review

Finger-steering fun, but where’s the multiplayer?

Good fun to dip into when you get an idle few minutes, Rocket Cars is a pacey racer in which you control all manner of rocket-propelled vehicles through a varied selection of colourful courses. It closely resembles Mario Kart, both in appearance and feel, with coins and power-ups liberally littered across the courses to keep things light-hearted and competitive.

You can control your vehicle in two ways; by tapping directional buttons on the screen, or by sliding your finger and you can pootle along at a relaxed pace or pull back to unleash the thrusters. Finding the optimum racing line that snares you the most amount of booty is the key to upgrading your vehicle and keeping ahead of the rest of the pack. But, as always, there’s also the option to invest some real-life money in cutting a few corners – though we’ve didn’t really see much cause to do that.

Ultimately we want to be racing against our mates, not AI drones, and with the only Game Center integration being boring leaderboards, the opportunity to do so isn’t present at all. There are plenty of solo challenges to attempt and missions to complete on each course, but it could have been so much more compelling with a little group play. Hopefully this function will come with updates, but what’s here certainly suffices. Just about.

Rated 3 out of 5

An enjoyable and thrilling finger-racer, but it could have been so much better with a competitive multiplayer edge.