Robotek HD

Robotek HD

The game of chance has never been so addictive

Robotek HD is one of those rare free games that condenses a high level of quality into such a tiny, simple and robust package that it’s impossible to not be impressed. And impress you it will, since the first thing you notice is just how gorgeous the visuals are. There’s not a lot going on, but the combination of bright colours, detailed effects and silhouettes makes for a visually appealing title.

Combat takes turns between yourself and an AI-controlled opponent, rolling reels across one of three distinct types: warfare, hacking and powers. Warfare will provide droids as cannon fodder to take and deal damage, hacking enables status effects and indirect bonuses while powers uses more direct offensive combat. The strategy is in picking what you deem is important, while luck denotes just how successful that strategy is.

Each spin type has three varying abilities, while the first reel spins slower than the rest, giving you the opportunity to at least select the type of ability you want. Match multiple icons for an upgraded version of an ability, wherein lies the chance of the game. Hexage describes Robotek HD as “calculated risk”, and that’s perhaps the best way of putting it. Each move is determined by luck, but the choice of which class of attacks you go for – and even which abilities you upgrade over others – is entirely down to you.

Rated 5 out of 5

The element of luck will make each battle engrossing, while the choice of strategy makes it compelling.