Road Inc. – Legendary Cars

Road Inc. – Legendary Cars

Build the garage of your dreams

There are few things more likely to make you stop in the street than the sight of an iconic or expensive (usually both) car. Road Inc. has taken that feeling, and put it at your disposal with its Legendary Cars app, which has brought together 50 of the industry’s landmark models to create the best looking showroom ever.

Indeed, the app’s interface has the look and feel of a minimalistic showroom, with the clean white only broken by the presence of automotive royalty. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche are just some of the names on the home screen.

One sight that might alarm users is the amount of white sheets covering cars, and the message that you must download the car in order to view it. This will not cost you anything, and is just a feature of the app, and the pang of excitement at being able to unveil a car from under a sheet is not something that you’ll tire of.

The brochures that come with each car are full of detail, including engine noises to complete this feast for the senses, and in addition to the essay and archive on each car, this app is great for those with transmission fluid in their veins.

Rated 5 out of 5

Looks as good as the cars it showcases, but has plenty of substance as well.