Rival Stars Basketball Review

Rival Stars Basketball Review

Rival Stars Basketball Review

Card-based basketball action shouldn’t work, but it most certainly does

Coming from the makers of the hugely addictive Flick Kick games, it is something of a surprise to discover that the ‘flick’ mechanics take something of a backseatin Rival Stars Basketball, making fleeting cameos to a game that is dominated by card-based combat on the basketball court.

The aim is to assemble a team of power players with high attacking and defensive stats needed to trump the individual player stats of your opposing team. Once engaged in a match you have to pick a player card to face off against one of your opposing team’s cards and if your player’s attacking skill trumps their player’s defensive skill, or vice-versa, your team goes on a ‘hot streak’, banging in more baskets than your opponents.

Occasionally the action switches to a ‘Power Play’, whereby you actually get to control the action on the court. This is where have to flick and swipe to steal the ball from your opposition or piece together passes – where you can flick to shoot from distance or swipe to slam if you make a pass to a team mate near the hoop. It’s great fun, but the real enjoyment comes from levelling up your players and purchasing fresh packs of player cards in order to boost your team’s performance.

The challenge comes in the form of a single-player campaign and an online multiplayer contest where you can challenge pretenders on the other side of the world and steal their best cards by going all Harlem Globetrotters on their ass. As is becoming the norm for free games, ad movies frequently pop-up and you have to wait a period of time to get the ‘energy’ needed to play matches (or purchase it immediately), but it’s a decent game that is showboating with excitement.

Rated 4 out of 5

An interesting evolution of PikPok’s ‘flick’ series that will leave you giddy with excitement.