Rinth Island

Rinth Island

A platform game with a fresh new perspective

Based on the concept of cylindrical platform puzzles, Rinth Island is a neat game that delivers a refreshing approach to brain-teasers. When a massive storm throws the town of Landingport into disarray, plucky volunteers Gimble and Libby set off to recover objects that will help the people rebuild. Each stage is fashioned around a cylinder shape that rotates as you walk, meaning you can see what lies ahead.

Your aim in each stage is to grab a special object that the townsfolk need, although these are always out of reach, requiring you to push blocks to create makeshift staircases. You can also use Detonite to blow up brittle stone blocks, although you must use this sparingly – and with care – as it is always in short supply.

Rinth Island’s puzzles are cleverly designed and will have you pondering for ages. You can also undo mistakes, but once your initial supply runs out, you must buy more with real money, which is unwelcome in a game this challenging.

Rated 4 out of 5

Unique and great fun, although the paid-for undo option is intrusive.