Ridiculous Fishing Review

Ridiculous Fishing Review

Ridiculous Fishing Review

Reel ‘em in and shoot ‘em down with this endless game that lives up to its name

The title of this game sums it up quite perfectly. With a seemingly mundane aim, in this case to catch fish, you’ll be stunned to find that you can’t put this game down such is its charm and simplicity. Never has angling seemed like such an addictive sport, but here users will be compelled to try and reach new depths, and catch new fish. Then there’s the wonderful finale of flinging them into the air and shooting your haul out of the sky in order to complete the catch. Combine this with the unique visuals and the simple controls and there is no doubting the potential for Ridiculous Fishing to be your next big iOS obsession.

The basic principle is to launch your hook and use tilt controls to guide it to go as deep as you possibly can. Once you’ve hooked your first fish you begin an ascent back to the surface, and now it’s about grabbing as many fish as possible. Your catch is then flung into the air upon reaching the surface, and in order for you to add them to your cash pile you have to shoot them out of the sky using touch controls. As players earn cash this can be used to purchase various items to improve your fishing skills and final haul. From chainsaws to cut through schools and carry you deeper, to toasters and hairdryers to electrocute fish that touch the hook on its way down, there are also various weapons to help deal with the increased loads of fish that fill the skies, and other miscellaneous items including different types of hats that cause new fish to appear. It’s almost an alchemy game at this level, as you have to combine different items, times and locations in order to find specific fish. It might sound a bit much in theory, but you’ll soon find yourself setting your device time to midnight to catch elusive sea creatures.

There are plenty of things to admire about this game, and perhaps the best of these are not obvious the moment you begin the playing; they are design and mechanical features that heighten the user experience without being noticed. In this time of constant debate over the necessity and ethical reasoning behind ‘freemium’ games, Ridiculous Fishing presents a fantastically designed and rewarding upgrade system that has no strings attached. The more fish you catch and shoot, the more upgrades become available to you. These include things like longer lines which will allow you to fish deeper in the various regions and catch more exotic, and valuable fish. You can see the cycle emerging already, and add to this that certain upgrades must be applied in order to unlock certain fish, and you have a sustainable and immaculately created ecosystem that users want to keep coming back to. While the ultimate aim is to capture all of the game’s 66 fish, there is a nice touch that even as you unlock new fishing grounds, users have to return to old ones with new upgrades equipped in order to unlock certain species. It’s another example of the smart structuring of the game, and there is no doubting that this contributes to the all-around addictiveness of the title.

Of course the visuals help draw players in, but it’s the arcade style of the final fishing grounds and the constant rewards that keep players coming back. Even once you’ve caught everything there’s an endless runner style desire to see if you can surpass your lowest depth, all the while wondering why fishing games haven’t taken off before. If they can be this fun yet effortless, how can it have not been done before? The echo of old Nintendo graphics and the utter insanity of using an orbital ray to destroy flying fish is something that you have to embrace, but the simple fact is that after a couple of minutes you’ll want to, and you’ll be completely sold on the idea of Ridiculous Fishing.

Rated 5 out of 5

Impossible to walk away from, Ridiculous Fishing will have you hooked.