République Review

République Review

République Review

République is a stealth-thriller game for iPhone and iPad from the makers of Metal Gear Solid

République is a title that has caused excitement in the mobile gaming industry for over two years now. The development story alone is enough to grip you; Kickstarter-funded from a team that has worked on some of the biggest console franchises of recent times – Metal Gear Solid and Halo among them. They’ve brought voice actors from those series with them too, meaning that before République even launched it was already huge.

The player takes the role of a hacker who has managed to break into a dystopian, totalitarian regime’s surveillance system. Your aim is to guide the protaganist, Hope, a political prisoner, through this dangerous world and to freedom.

The gameplay setup really thrives here, as you use the network of CCTV cameras to see the route ahead and plan Hope’s path safely. The entire game is a constantly changing puzzle as guards patrol and doors require hacks to open. It sounds complicated, but the one-touch tap-to-animate controls make it easy enough once you get going.

It can be argued that sometimes things get a little heavy – having to check five cameras every time you go around a corner can get tedious after a while. This is an intense game that can weigh on you at times, but stick with it because this is one of the essential gaming experiences of 2014, on any platform.

Rated 5 out of 5

Intense, gorgeous-looking and unlike anything else on iOS; République was worth the wait.