Remi. Review

Remi. Review

Remi. Review

There appear to be two ways to approach a reminder app

There appear to be two ways to approach a reminder app. The first is to throw everything at it, pack it with features and include layers of settings. The second is to make it as simple as possible. Remi. has gone for the latter but while this inspires applause, it also proves to be a rope around its neck at the same time.

Developer Andy Barnard has produced an app in remi. that takes very little effort to use. You tap the + button at the bottom of the screen, type something to remember, tap Next and then indicate the time. This can include an actual date or be as simple as “10am tomorrow”.

The reminder is turned into a circle which floats around on the main app page and the more reminders you create, the more circles appear. But herein lies the problem. You can only tell what each circle is supposed to be reminding you of by tapping it. Imminent reminders will pulsate to make life easier but if you have lots of reminders, this system feels like you’re stabbing in the dark.

Thankfully, remi. sends you notifications but this minimalist approach won’t work for everyone. There’s no way to alter the colour or create reminders without a time. You can’t edit reminders. It’s very much a lead-by-the-hand approach and in this case, it shows that less isn’t always more regardless of how cool it looks.

Rated 2 out of 5

If you need to see your reminders at a glance, then remi. isn't for you but for ease of use it can't be beat.