Rego Review

Rego Review

Rego Review

A place-bookmarker, a diary and a note-taker all in one. This is Rego for iPhone

After exploring Rego, you’ll soon discover it’s more than just a place-bookmarking app. Its GPS functionality allows you to use your current location to bookmark places as and when you visit them, whether it’s a general region, a specific establishment, or something else entirely.

This is the great thing about Rego – it doesn’t restrict you to bookmarking physical places. What’s more, you can add photos and notes, share with friends or keep everything private. So, you might just want to record a fun day out, the precise location of which was of no importance; or you might want to remember a useful business meeting, and find recording the location and attaching an image – perhaps of the agenda – will help jog your memory of its discussions.

Categorising entries into Collections is useful too, so you can quickly and clearly view accommodation, for example, or restaurants. And although only ten entries can be added to the free app, these can be deleted and replaced, or an in-app purchase of just $0.99 will offer unlimited entries. One area that could be improved is bookmarking places you have visited in the past. Although it’s great that pins you drop can be opened in Google or Apple Maps, a postcode or place-name search would save having to locate a place manually on Rego’s map. This omission is a real shame, and we hope to see this facility in future updates.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great app in which to store information about places you’ve visited, as well as to capture memories.