Save yourself some cash with the excellent RedLaser app that scans barcodes and searches for deals

Whether we’re buying a house, car, laptop or even the latest DVD, we all want the best possible prices. And, while it won’t help you find cheaper deals on cars and houses, RedLaser does a great job when it comes to finding the cheapest prices for most items with a barcode.

Incredibly easy to use, RedLaser simply scans your desired product’s barcode and then gives you a list of the best local and online prices. We were very impressed by the wide array of products it allowed us to check the prices on, and pleasantly surprised by the amount of money it could save us.

For example, we found a Gear4 CRG-60 clock radio on sale in a high-street store for £24.99, but after scanning it we learned we could get it online for just £16.99. We also found that we could buy ink cartridges for our printer for half the price that we normally pay, and managed to save £3 on the latest Robin Hood DVD.

RedLaser also offers plenty of reviews on electronic devices and the option to type in barcode numbers, as well as giving you nutritional facts about food products. However, we had trouble finding prices for the food items we tried, which was very disappointing. All in all, though, RedLaser is a superb app that you shouldn’t go shopping without.

Rated 4 out of 5

RedLaser is a must-have app for anyone looking to save a few pennies, but the ability to check food prices could do with some improvement.


  • Lindum

    RedLaser used to be a must have app, but as of 2015, I’d say it’s just lost its edge, and no longer gives a full view of the market.