Real Boxing iPad Review: Console-Quality Visuals On iOS

Real Boxing iPad Review: Console-Quality Visuals On iOS

Vivid Games bring near console visuals to iOS with the apply named Real Boxing.

The boundaries of what is possible visually on a mobile device when it comes to gaming are constantly being pushed. As new, higher-powered hardware continues to surface, the closer iOS and Android games seem to be creeping towards the level of consoles visually.

Real Boxing is the latest example of this, with graphics on display that could be seriously scrutinised against titles from the Fight Night series on PS3 and Xbox. Even before you get to the real action you’ll be very impressed, with crisp particle physics and visuals in the smoke and fire that appear in your ring entrance. You can see the blood and sweat dripping off your fighters as they do battle, and you’ll see their injuries get gradually worse as they take hits.

The gameplay is also a fantastic part of Real Boxing, with gesture-based controls like swipes and drags to hook and uppercut, with your defences taken care of by two on-screen buttons that allow you to either block or dodge. It’s interesting to see on-screen messages and prompts to help you with your fighting style, and these are very useful in aiding you pick up the subtle nuances that can be the difference between landing that sweetly timed punch and being put on the canvas yourself.

In terms of playing time you can set-up a quick fight immediately, and skipping the ring entrance will have you fighting within 30 seconds of opening the app. But if you’re after something with a bit more longevity then you’re also covered because there’s a fairly well sized career mode that includes three levels of increasing difficulty; each level containing nine fights. If we were to be critical it would be to say that the appearance of the characters doesn’t alter too much. It won’t take too long to notice that your opponents are just the same three or four models but with varying hair cuts and facial hair.

Real Boxing makes up for these tiny rough edges because of the way it looks, and the motion controls, which bring a touch of the Wii or Xbox Connect to the mobile world. There are so many things to like about this game, beyond how stunning it looks.

Rated 5 out of 5

It’s difficult to argue with a game that looks this good, and plays as well as Real Boxing does.