Random Heroes Review

Random Heroes Review

Take a step back in time with this retro 2D shoot-’em-up

Some modern games revolutionise the way we play with new graphics and control schemes that simply blow the user away. However, sometimes what we need is a beautiful little slice of retro heaven, and in those times, you’ll want to turn to Random Heroes. It’s 2D, it’s side-scrolling, and it incorporates both platforming and shooting in a neat and tidy package.

After a brief and mostly irrelevant story introduction you’re sent down into the sewers to shoot the face off zombies, spiky death-copters, and robotic gun emplacements. Kill an enemy and they will explode into showers of coins for you to collect, and when you have enough, open up the shop for some upgrades.

Here you can not only buy new weapons (like the deadly Pulse Rifle), you can also use your hard-earned cash to grab new ‘Costumes’, which are basically new characters with different attributes for health, agility and damage. Depending on your play style you can customise your set-up, and once an item has been bought you have access to it forever.

And you’ll need to save up; the difficulty of this game also matches the retro styling by being rock-hard. You have three lives at first, and only new characters and med-kits will provide extra protection. Die and you’re whisked back to the start. And did we mention the music? It’s retro heaven from top to bottom, and you’ll love it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Everything from the sprites to the music to the difficulty is retro, and absolutely brilliant.