Raining.fm Review

Raining.fm Review

Raining.fm Review

Sit back and relax to the sound of heavy rain

Raining fm is an odd app and you will either love it or completely miss the point. Based on the Raining fm website, the app now enables you to carry it in your pocket, accessing it anytime and anywhere. As the name suggests, it is an app all about rain, featuring an audio recording of heavy rain, which, unless it was recorded in monsoon season, is probably looped – although it is hard to tell. You have the option to select the volume of the rain as well as choosing whether to have different degrees of rolling thunder. There are sliders to control these so you can have as much or as little as you like. The app continues to play the rain audio even when you quit and use another app, so you can check your email or surf the web while listening to Raining.fm.

Additionally, there are two collections of images which are played as slideshows. The images are good, but it would be nice to have a larger collection as they soon become familiar. There are timers that you can set for when you are working and should take a break, and another can be set so you can go to sleep listening to it.

The sound itself is quite relaxing, but it is no surprise to find that the creator hails from Australia, where perhaps constant rain is a novelty – but for some of us it’s all too familiar and not novel enough.

Rated 4 out of 5

Some people find it relaxing listening to rain, but others may not see the attraction.