Radio Alan Review

Radio Alan Review

Radio Alan Review

Tune in to Alan’s ‘live’ radio show for great music

Alan Partridge, the socially incompetent, awkward and embarrassing character created by comedian Steve Coogan, now has his own radio show available for your iPhone. The insecure, superficial and insensitive chat show and its presenter brings a unique brand of entertainment to a great app that is a lot of fun.

The North Norfolk Digital radio show DJ has impeccable taste in music and plays all your favourite tracks, guaranteed – that’s because he actually plays your own music stored on your iOS device. It’s a cleverly constructed music player that can play tracks selected at random from your music library or your playlists.

Normally music plays one track after another, but with this app you get a minute or two of Alan Partridge in between, chatting as if it were a real radio show. It is a brilliant idea and what makes it even better is that the app can recognise certain music tracks and Alan’s comments will relate directly to them giving the impression that the show is actually live. Alan can rate your music library, giving it a score and a comment like “Oh, cook a cat!”

Presumably the app contains a library of one minute audio bytes by Alan Partridge, so eventually they must repeat. Hopefully this won’t be for a long time yet and this is a very entertaining way to play your favourite music.

Rated 4 out of 5

It’s only a music player, but it is the funniest one around. You‘ll laugh your socks off!