RAD Soldiers Review

RAD Soldiers Review

RAD Soldiers Review

Mercenaires in a freemium game feels rather apt, and you won’t mind shelling out in RAD Soldiers on iOS

The turn-based strategy game takes on a new lease of life with Rad Soldiers, a game that has you assembling a group of fearless mercenaries and sending them to do battle with alien rockets falling from the sky.

As an exclusive iOS title, it is clear the developers have channelled their energies into creating an experience that is not only graphically and sonically polished, but has a quality of gameplay that is right up there with the best console games. It looks and feels amazing.

While the game itself can be downloaded for free, if you really want to get anywhere, you need to shell out hard cash – and yet because the game is about mercenaries, this seems rather apt. Poetic, almost. It’s one of the few occasions when you don’t actually mind paying and, besides, there is no hiding the fact that money is at the heart of the matter, so you never feel duped.

Cash buys you better weapons, costumes, and the like. But this is all just secondary when it comes to tactical violence – the factor that underpins the whole thing and ensures that it gets off to a bang. A tutorial takes you through your paces early on, and then you can choose to play in multiplayer or single mode and get firing, moving across a series of squares and taking advantage of the six specialists on your team in order to make steady progress.

When you shoot, move or use a special move, energy is zapped. Use up the lot and your turn ends (unless you decide to end it sooner). This is great when playing alone but even better when going head-to-head with a friend (or stranger).

Rated 5 out of 5

A richly rewarding game that is hugely entertaining, and one you will stick with for a long time.