Quarrel Deluxe

Quarrel Deluxe

Risk meets Scrabble in a war of words

If you thought board games were competitive, then think again, because Quarrel will have you gripping the edges of you iPad in fury when you get ousted by a single point in a battle. You thought making ‘kiss’ for nine points was good enough for the win, but then your opponent Biff came back with ‘silk’, which if you know your letter values is worth ten. Cue tantrum.

This is the beauty of Quarrel; its spelling, warfare and strategy rolled into one package where battlefields are exotic islands and castles, and the troops are cartoon zombies, aliens and pirates.

The basic aim of the game is to take over an entire region by winning every piece on the board. You do this by challenging the other players and out-scoring them with words from a random selection of nine letters. You can choose from four modes of play, from a Quick Match to the campaign-like Domination.

The scores are taken from the official Scrabble rules, and the words come from the latest Collins English Dictionary, so this is not just a pretty face – there is real substance to it.

It is the little touches where this game stands out. For example each of the opposition  has their own unique traits and weaknesses, like Biff the bully who can be over-aggressive and leave his squares exposed, or Rex the bookworm who always tends to come out with unusual words. These innovations help elevate it above a standard game of Scrabble.

Rated 5 out of 5

A brilliantly refreshing spin on a competitive market, Quarrel spells trouble for its rivals.