Pushbullet Review

Pushbullet Review

Pushbullet Review

An alternative to Dropbox or AirDrop, Pushbullet allows you to transfer files between devices through Push Notifications

Pushbullet is a new service for iPhone and Android that allows you to quickly share information between mobile and desktop. ‘So what?’ you might say, after all, Dropbox and other cloud stores have existed for ages to solve this very problem. However, with Pushbullet it’s extra convenient – sent directly to your phone as a push notification.

From your notification tray, you only have to tap it to instantly open a file rather than dig around in your email or Dropbox folder. Pushbullet also isn’t limited to just pictures and files, you can also send links and addresses, so you can open a map or web address with a single tap from your lock screen. The option to send content copied to your Clipboard instantly between devices is also a great way to save time.

There are caveats though. You have to a Google login to use the app and you will not only have to use Chrome as your desktop browser, you will need to download a Chrome extension to make the system work between computer and phone.

Sadly, the iPhone lacks the additional Push Notification synchronization feature the Android app boasts, which allows you to also quickly see or dismiss any alerts from your phone on your PC.

Rated 3 out of 5

Super fast and very convenient, Pushbullet is an easy way to share info, but requires commiting to the Google ecosystem.


  • anon1234

    I do not see a date for this review. Hard to tell if the issues describe reflect a fairly current version of the app.