Create Apple-esque multimedia slideshows to share in seconds

At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking that Ptch is another Instagram-a-like app aimed at sharing your memories with others and, well, you’d be half right.

What sets Ptch out from other social imaging apps is that it’ll allow you to combine your photos with videos, titles and music to create amazing mini-slideshows (known as Ptchs) to share your memories with others. What makes Ptch better still is that it actually does a great job of this – not only is it an incredibly easy app to use and get creative with, it’ll also create something great-looking that you’d actually be proud to share with others. You can even add content from your favourite social services like Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, which should give you plenty of source material for your Ptchs. What follows after this is a fairly Instagram-like experience, showing you a feed of recent Ptchs alongside the ability to comment on and like them.

The whole experience is incredibly slick, and the results are suitably impressive and far better than a lot of similar apps currently making their way on to the App Store. At the time of writing, this app is only available in the US, but we’re sure its popularity will ensure a journey over the pond and beyond soon. This one is well worth checking out.

Rated 5 out of 5

Ptch’s multimedia approach to memory sharing makes it an impressively immersive app.


  • RMC

    TITLE=Ptch+my pics = Coolness!;RATING=5;I get asked a lot ” How did you make that ?” The secret is Ptch! Fun, fast and makes me look like I spent a long time putting it together and that is the awesome part – it is truly quick and easy to use! These guys have it right!