Ensure people get feedback, direction and encouragement with Proof on the iPad

While Proof at first feels rather frustrating, tricky and awkward – the tutorial proving to be more confusing than it perhaps should be – once you get down to business you soon figure how useful this app could be in a creative setting.

You are able to take something visual, be it a photograph, piece of art, webpage or anything else that has design at its heart, and make comments on it. You do this by applying droplets which are small markers not unlike those you place on a virtual map.

The idea is that you add a series of these to some artwork to show the creator or your team the aspects you feel are working well or need altering. These can be colour co-ordinated for ease of use and they are numbered too. This means you could group certain types of feedback in one colour (perhaps the bad bits) and the other types (good bits) in another.

When you have finished making your comments, you are then able to save the whole thing and share it so others can see what you have written and act on it. It’s actually very easy to use and understand once you start to use it, so perhaps the designer of the tutorial could do with having some droplets splattered around to make the initial experience more fluid.

Rated 4 out of 5

A very useful app for people who work within a creative environment that requires them to give others in their team some visual direction.