Turning you into an iPad Picasso

If you’re looking to use your iPad to create a beautiful work of art, the App Store can be a daunting place.

There are many apps devoted to drawing and painting, ranging from whimsical options like SketchyPad, to the more comprehensive apps like Adobe Ideas. Procreate definitely sits at the latter end of the spectrum, but in many ways it is probably the superior drawing experience.

Procreate shares many similarities with Adobe Ideas – you’ve got your palette of colours, an opacity slider and an eraser – but procreate also includes a smudge tool and far greater choice of the kind of brush you use.

Every brush can be modified and customised to create different textures, and your favourites can be saved for later use. Procreate also includes the ability to work with up to 16 layers, and unlike Adobe Ideas, you don’t have to pay for this privilege.

It’s easy to see that with time, patience and dedication, procreate could enable talented painters to produce some beautiful work.

There are some options we would have enjoyed to see – a pipette tool would have been handy, and we’re not totally convinced about the app’s layout – Adobe Ideas’ smart and accessible interface is much simpler to use.

But nevertheless, procreate remains one of the best drawing apps on the iPad. However, those just looking to sketch might want to find another app that’s not quite so costly.

Rated 4 out of 5

A must buy for professional artists and aspiring illustrators alike.


  • TITLE=Procreate;This program is user unfriendly to the MAX. Color controls are practically hidden. Even worse, how to apply the color to the brush is nearly impossible. I want my money back. This sucks

  • Ste Ríkharðsson

    Why the hell does no picture editing app have a pipette tool?!? I’m trying to conceal an unwanted feature of a very simple picture and it’s taking me ages on my iPad. In the end I had to send the picture to my computer and use MS Paint.