Procreate Pocket review: Paint a mini masterpiece

Procreate Pocket review: Paint a mini masterpiece

Procreate Pocket review: Paint a mini masterpiece

The fully-featured iPad illlustration app launches on iPhone so you can create anytime, anywhere

The iPad has revolutionised digital art to a great degree, providing a large, touchscreen canvas for artists to unleash their inner creativity. One of the best apps in recent times has been Procreate – Sketch, Paint, Create, a comprehensive offering which, like Adobe Ideas, is packed with modifiable brushes, layers and a strong palette of colours.

Developer Savage Interactive has finally brought the Procreate experience to the iPhone. In doing so, Procreate Pocket sacrifices very little, packing in most of the features of its big brother albeit in a redesigned manner.

When you start the app, you are given the choice of one of four paintings. Whether you select one of them or go for a blank and create an image from scratch, the options are entirely the same. Like the iPad version, Procreate Pocket’s strength in its brushes. With a single tap of an icon you can choose from a range of 12 brushes and they are split into two categories – concept and illustration – each of which differ in texture.

Procreate uses a dual-texture system to define the brush shape and the brush grain. It is also possible to import brushes from the hundreds made available by the Procreate community.

As you paint with a brush or use the blend tool, you can quickly alter the opacity and thickness using sliders to the left and right of the screen. Colours can be altered via a full-screen wheel and you can add up to 10 layers on a 64GB iPhone 6 (fewer than the 16 on the iPad but still plenty). There is also no need to worry about getting anything wrong since there are 250 levels of undo.

This app leaves very few stones left unturned. With versatile exporting (Procreate and PSD are included) and the ability to record your strokes, this is an amazing art tool.

Rated 5 out of 5

Artists should never blame their tools – and with this incredible drawing app, they will never be able to.