ProCam 2 – – Camera and Photo Editor Review

ProCam 2 – – Camera and Photo Editor Review

ProCam 2 – – Camera and Photo Editor Review

Gain greater control over your iPhone camera with ProCam’s advanced settings

ProCam 2 is one of the first third-party apps to give users access to iOS 8’s new manual camera controls, which aren’t available in Apple’s default Camera app. Tapping two fingers on the live camera view brings up indicators for exposure and focus, which you can drag around to obtain automatic settings, moving a slider to adjust exposure compensation. Tapping on the locks in the middle brings up extra sliders for ISO, shutter speed and focus, allowing manual adjustment of these key aspects of photography.

It’s the kind of fine control you’d expect to find on a decent standalone camera and enables you to set up each shot with precision to suit the conditions. The ability to control ISO and shutter speed is a real boon for low-light shooting, while another slider offers gradual control of white balance to suit the lighting type. Manual focus is also useful and, with practice, may prove faster and more reliable than the automatic setting.

The manual controls combine well with a plethora of other options, including 40 live filters and 17 lenses – most of the latter can be adjusted manually and range from vignettes, fish-eye and tilt-shift to kaleidoscopic and wormhole effects. There are 12 shooting modes, including face detection, anti-shake and burst, plus slo-mo and time-lapse video. There is also a selection of on-screen guides, aspect ratios and resolutions. Finally, there’s an array of settings for photo and video modes, most notably, the ability to save stills as lossless TIFFs rather than JPEGs.

That’s not all, however. ProCam 2 includes a photo editor for making nondestructive edits to any shot from your Camera Roll. As well as standard crop, rotate and adjust (including colour saturation), you have access to those filters and lens effects.

Rated 5 out of 5

Manual controls, plus an astounding array of options, turn your iPhone into a photographic powerhouse.