Primal Flame Review

Primal Flame Review

Primal Flame is an unusual, addictive swipe-based game for iPhone and iPad that’s difficult to master

The best part of Primal Flame is the core idea: your challenge is to keep a flame alive as dark leaves and dangerous tentacles float around the edge of the screen — think Fruit Ninja but less cartoonish and more foreboding. You must swipe from bonus to bonus while avoiding the dropping leaves and slicing the enemy plants in two, and it’s an easy game to pick up. You’ll be up and running very quickly, and the app keeps you coming back for more, at least initially.

Where it falls down is in the variety on offer and the difficulty of making progress. Mastering the game is a real challenge, as the amount of gloomy, life-sucking vegetation seems to grow a lot faster than the bright, life-giving seeds that fall from the sky. A game doesn’t have to be easy (in fact it’s better if it isn’t) but Primal Flame can feel frustrating at times. There’s also not much variation on the central theme, something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever played the aforementioned Fruit Ninja or similar.

Still, you have to give Primal Flame’s developers credit for putting together such an interesting concept – and the game’s graphics and sound effects are all high quality. At the same time, the learning curve is a little too steep for our liking and it’s tempting to give up rather than persevere.

Rated 3 out of 5

The idea and gameplay are interesting enough, but making real progress is too much of a challenge.